Quick Heal Total Security 18.00 ( Crack

 Quick Heal Total Security 18.00

Quick Heal Total Security 18 provides the cloud-based ultimate antivirus protection, parental control, data, and privacy protection for your PC and mobile. The most straightforward antivirus more technology brings you quite just a secure web browsing experience. The award-winning Quick Heal Total Security 18 is one of the most straightforward comprehensive security suite providing beat one protection.

Quick Heal Total Security crack

This comprehensive program provides antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, anti-ransomware, and anti-rootkit software. All of these programs work together to give you the best antivirus protection possible.

Quick Heal Total Security Crack License

Blocks USB devices from accessing additional confidential data. Low footprint coupled with ensures up-to-date protection besides without being heavy on your system. This feature now comes to a USB drive support.

The program even comes with a PC tuner to boost your PC’s performance during resource-heavy tasks.

A one-year subscription for Quick Heal Total Security is. It also offers two more basic antivirus programs: Quick Heal Internet Security for per year, and Quick Heal Antivirus Pro for per year.

Quick Heal Total Security Features:

Core Protection. The intelligent antivirus engine, coupled with effectively so detects and identically resolves threats. the extra features like AntiSpyware.
Web Protection. Real-time cloud security restricts access to malware-infected websites. This feature gives internet security protection by blocked threats besides transferred through websites hosting malicious codes.
Browser Sandbox. Running your browser in Sandbox Browser, however, gives you besides an uninterrupted and coupled besides with the secure besides browsing experience.
Firewall. Blocks external threats that attempt to reach your computer much besides over the web.  Includes the Stealth besides Mode, which makes it difficult for besides hackers besides to trace your system.

Other Features:

Data Theft Protection. Prevents unauthorized copying of knowledge using flash drives.
Parental Control.  Configure parental control but supported user accounts.

Privacy Protection. Securely deletes sensitive data files to stop as a matter of fact recovery by any recovery tools. This ensures total but security and confidentiality of comparatively valuable data.
PC2Mobile Scan. Scans and cleans mobile phones.
PCTuner. This facility guides you on the way to coupled with speed up your PC. you’ll tune start-up applications, services, and clean unwanted again registry entries and files.
USB Drive Protection. The best antivirus automatically equally scans auxiliary storage devices. Protects USB drives from autorun infections.

More Features:

Email Security. Total Security gives cloud-based email security, but that forestalls phishing.
Safe Mode Protection. This facility stops unauthorized while users from changing while Quick Heal security settings.
Enhanced Self-Protection. The Self-protection but feature again now protects Quick Heal’s running processes and services.
Stay Connected. Users know they have direct access to our Facebook and Twitter pages in like manner with just a click.

How to Upgrade?

To upgrade, follow these steps. Double-click the downloaded file.
The ‘Quick Heal Setup Downloader’ window besides will appear. Click ‘Download.’ The upgrade file may take a couple of minutes to download.
Follow the on-screen besides instructions to proceed.

Know your Quick Heal product name and version

  • Open Quick Heal antivirus.
  • The product name is also displayed on the top left corner of the dashboard soon.
  • On the highest right, click the assistance menu.
  • Click About.

The product version is displayed.

Kindly note that Quick Heal users need to register their Quick Heal Product License key at the TrackMyLaptop portal to avail of this facility. Non-Quick Heal users need to register their Laptop’s MAC ID.

Quick Heal Total Security

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